A Monday afternoon walk in De Bergen

On this Monday afternoon, we walked around Eindhoven again and this time in the neighborhood De Bergen; also called the Latin Quarter of Eindhoven.


The district has many charming restaurants, small shops and lovely streets. It creates a nice feeling, a bit like you are in another time or on holiday. Below, I have written down a few nice places in De Bergen that are definitely worth a visit!



The Kazerne used to be a military barracks, which explains its 2,500 square meter industrial warehouse. It is used for large design exhibitions, a cozy bar, a Scandinavian-style restaurant, an Italian-style restaurant and several rooms for activities. There are also eight luxury hotel suites and lofts and a design shop. So there' s more than enough to do!

 Despite the current time and arrangements, the Kazerne is definitely not silent. For example, through Covid-19 | Kazerne you can follow a 360-video exhibition or you can come and shop by appointment.


De Kleine Berg, shops

De Kleine Berg has several boutiques with beautiful clothes, interior design shops and specialist shops. For example, for the genuine cartoonist fans, there' s a cartoon shop. Or for the book fans, Motta Artbooks, this is a gorgeous bookstore that has been in Eindhoven since 1991. This bookstore specializes in books with subjects such as photography, architecture and design. Some collections can even be found in museum shops!


The district

The area itself is beautiful, but what makes it even more special is that De Bergen is one of the oldest areas in Eindhoven! Luckily, this area was for the most part saved during the war. That' s why it now mainly has typical buildings and small streets. Pay extra attention when you walk around. By the way, did you know that the name De Bergen is based on the sand hills on which this district was built before the war?


We highly recommend the district! Have fun!

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