New youth department in Eindhoven Library in De Witte Dame

The renewed youth department has officially been opened in the library in De Witte Dame on Wednesday 2 June in the presence of alderman Monique List. With extra attention to books in different languages, various reading levels and reading motivations, and places to play.

In the months that the library was closed to the public, a lot has been renewed. The youth department has been completely redesigned with cozy corners, pleasant reading and playing areas. Monique List: “The arrangement creates overview and tranquility. It is important to make reading attractive and inviting. It is nice to see that things have been arranged from the children’s perspective.” Previously, the youth department was also used flexibly for lectures or other activities. Now another space has been created within the library, and the youth department is only for the youth.

Expansion international collection
Eindhoven is a very international city. The library wants to reflect this in its youth collection. Because when there are books in the mother tongue, children and their parents feel welcome in Eindhoven library. In addition to an extensive English collection, in collaboration with the Reading Pier, the library has started a partnership with the Heritage Language Schools Eindhoven (HLSE). Together with this organization, book collections in several languages ​​have been compiled for children from 0 to 12 years. The Italian and Chinese children's book collection are already a fact. This year the collection will be expanded with French, Romanian, Persian and Bulgarian.

New: the Easy Reading Square
The Easy Reading Square is a place in the library where children aged 8 to 12 who have difficulties with reading can still find a suitable book. Here they can discover in peace how much fun it is to read. The 'Easy Reading Cabinet' contains a special collection of books that are dyslexia-friendly, books made into films, but also audio books; books narrated by voice actors, where you can listen at a relaxed pace and read along at the same time. There is always an experienced employee in the youth department available who is happy to help you find the right book. They will also give parents personal reading advice if they would like to.

Meet Sies and Nienke, the new makers
The MakersPlaats is still located in its familiar place in the library in De Witte Dame. What is new is that there are two new makers: Sies Stadhouders and Nienke Scholtes. They are ready to organize the weekly MakersClub on Saturday mornings. Wednesday afternoons will be added soon.

Sies and Nienke can't wait to start making things with the kids. Sies: “I believe in learning by doing. With the freedom to follow their own curiosity, I want to help children explore the realization of their ideas. The process of trying, getting stuck, coming up with creative solutions and finally arriving at something beautiful is something you can't learn early enough.”

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